Sermons & Messages from 2021


On this page you will find messages & sermons that have been produced over the past few weeks in 2021 during this recent crises involving the Corona Virus. Most people are currently at home and not able to leave. We want to encourage you to keep trusting, keep walking and leaning on God through these uncertain times. If have a moment why not have a look at the items below !


Sunday June 13th

David the friend

Message: /content/pages/documents/david-the-friend.pdf

Order of service: /content/pages/documents/sunday-june-13th-order-of-service.pdf


Sunday June 6th

David the boy

Message: /content/pages/documents/sermon-david-the-boy.pdf

Order Of Service: /content/pages/documents/june-6th-2021.pdf



Message: /content/pages/documents/trinity-sunday-sermon-30-05-2021.pdf

Order Of Service: /content/pages/documents/order-of-service-30-05-2021.pdf





Ascension Sunday

Message:  /content/pages/documents/sermon-the-accension-16-05-202180091464070.pdf

Order Of Service: /content/pages/documents/order-of-service-16-05-202155518179012.pdf


SUNDAY MAY 9th 2021

All Age - Upon This Rock!

Message: /content/pages/documents/decsions-decsion-9th-may.pdf

Order Of Service:/content/pages/documents/sunday-9th-may.pdf


SUNDAY MAY 2nd 2021


ORDER OF SERVICE: /content/pages/documents/church-anniversary-order-of-service.pdf

MESSAGE:  /content/pages/documents/prbcacts19.pdf

Sermon On YouTube: Church Anniversary - YouTube



January 3rd 

Message: /content/pages/documents/1609675143.pdf

Melchior's Story: /content/pages/documents/1609675201.pdf

Order of service: /content/pages/documents/1609675269.pdf

Sermon on YouTube The Magi visit Jesus - YouTube

January 10th 

Message: The Great Escape /content/pages/documents/1610279100.pdf

Order of service: /content/pages/documents/1610279146.pdf

Sermon on YouTube The Great Escape - YouTube

January 17th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/1610847655.pdf

Order of service: /content/pages/documents/1610847688.pdf

Sermon on YouTube: Jesus presented in the Temple (Simeon & Anna) - YouTube


January 24th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/1611403712.pdf

Order of service: /content/pages/documents/1611403749.pdf

Sermon on YouTube: John The Baptist - YouTube

January 31st 


Order of Service: /content/pages/documents/OrderofServicefor31stJan2021am.pdf

Sermon on YouTube: Power To Serve - YouTube

February 7th

Message: /content/pages/documents/sermonPetersstory07022021.pdf

Sermon On YouTube:  1 Peter 5: 1 - 11 - YouTube


February 14th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/talk-for-prbc.pdf

Order Of Service: /content/pages/documents/sunday-14th-february-2021-order-of-service.pdf

Sermon on YouTube: Promises For Troubled Hearts - YouTube

February 21st 

Message: /content/pages/documents/sermon-fruit-that-will-last-21-02-2021.pdf

Order Of Service: /content/pages/documents/order-of-service-21-02-2021.pdf

Sermon on YouTube: Fruit that will last - YouTube

February 28th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/28th-february-sermon.pdf

Order of service: /content/pages/documents/order-of-service-28-02-2021-docx.pdf

Sermon on YouTube: A Time For Glory - YouTube

March 7th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/betrayal-and-denial-7-03-2021-michael-k.pdf

Sermon on YouTube: Betrayal & Denial - YouTube

Mothers Day March 14th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/talk-docx.pdf

Order of Service: /content/pages/documents/mothers-day.pdf

Sermon on YouTube: Proverbs 31 (Mothers Day) - YouTube

March 21st 

Message: /content/pages/documents/john19prbc.pdf

Order of Service: /content/pages/documents/sunday-21st-march-order-of-service.pdf

Sermon On YouTube: The Glory Of The Cross - YouTube

March 28th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/palm-sunday-message.pdf

Order Of Service: /content/pages/documents/order-of-service-palm-sunday-2021.pdf

Sermon On YouTube: Palm Sunday (What a difference a week makes!) - YouTube

April 11th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/sunday-11th-april-message.pdf

Order Of Service: /content/pages/documents/sunday-11th-april.pdf

Sermon On YouTube: breakfast on the beach - YouTube

April 18th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/psalm27prbc.pdf

Order Of Service: /content/pages/documents/april-18th.pdf

April 25th 

Message: /content/pages/documents/sunday-25th-april-2021-message.pdf

Order of Service: /content/pages/documents/sunday-25th-april-2021-order-of-service.pdf