Park Road Baptist Church

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  • Worship (6 photos)

    Seasonal worship

    Christmas whispers….

  • Christmas Alive 2018 (11 photos)

    Pictures from this year's event in Cathedral Square

    Christmas Alive 2018

  • 2017 in Pictures (25 photos)

    Pictures of events from the life of our church this 2017

    Easter Saturday Community Day

  • Christmas Alive 2016 (12 photos)

    Christmas Alive 2016

    Christmas 2016

  • Zozulenka November 4th 2016 (12 photos)

    ‘Hope Now’, a charity bringing the good news of the gospel to communities in Ukraine came to Park Road Baptist Church on November 4th with their music group Zozulenka. Eight teenagers performed some wonderful Ukrainian folk music and dance and a great evening was enjoyed by all.

    If you’d like to find out more about Zozulenka and the work of ‘Hope Now’ please go to


  • PRBC Building (7 photos)

    PRBC Website Photos

    PRBC Exterior

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